Grace: Week 2 (April 23-26)

Scripture: Luke 10:38-42/Mary & Martha

Need to Know: I Can Worship And Work!

Birth through 3 Years Old

  • Sing “Jesus Loves Me” to your baby while you snuggle.
  • Listen & watch the song above with your toddler. Don’t forget to do the motions and have fun!
  • Read the Bible story about Mary and Martha to your 3-year-old. And then SAY this: “God loves you so much! He made you so special. Just like Mary and Martha. Can you say Mary and Martha? (let them repeat after you) Great job! God loves you and I do too!”
  • Pray over and with your little.

4 Years Old through 1st Grade

  • Watch the video together.¬†
  • Reenact the story (pick a role and show what happened in the story)
  • Ask the question: what keeps you busy around your home?
  • Pray together

2nd - 5th Grade



Prayer Together