August 11, 2020 | 1 Samuel 7


1 Samuel 7



  • In verse 3, we learn why the Israelites are not in relationship with the Lord. The Israelites though, seem ready to turn toward the Lord. What are Samuel’s requirements for turning to the Lord?

  • What do the Israelites do once they have gathered at Mizpah? How do they show their repentance to the Lord?

  • What can we learn from Samuel’s ministry as it is described in verses 16 and 17? Does he expect people to come to him? Does he forsake his family for his work? How is his life a model for us?





  • Is there or has there been something in your life that is/was like an idol that you were not willing to give up? How does/did that affect your relationship with the Lord?

  • What does it mean to fast? Why would it be a good thing to fast from food or other things from time to time?

  • Spend some time praying that God would show you if there is anything keeping you from worshipping the Lord with all your heart.