November 1, 2021


  • ¬†Matthew 21:1-11. Jesus didn’t own anything so how did He get a donkey to ride? Why did Jesus choose to ride on a donkey if He is the Messiah, the King?
  • Where is the first place Jesus went when He entered Jerusalem? What did He do there? What did Jesus do after He cleansed the Temple? What was the response?
  • As Jesus was teaching in the temple courts what question did the chief priests and elders of the people ask him? What was Jesus’ response?¬†
  • What do you think is the meaning of the parable of the two sons?


  • Do you think true worship/prayer is basically ignored or even impossible in our churches? If so, what might cause it?
  • How do you respond when God convicts you of something that is not right in your life?