November 8, 2021


  • What was the verdict of the “trial” and how did they go about making it happen? What did Judas do when he saw that Jesus was condemned to die? What did the chief priests do with the money? What was the significance of what they did?
  • What do you know about the man the people chose to release over Jesus? 
  • Matthew 27:27-31. If Pilate knew Jesus was innocent, why did he have Jesus flogged and hand him over to be crucified? Why did he let Jesus be treated so cruelly? Is that justice? What are some of the other cruel things they did to Jesus? 
  • What an appropriate name for the place where people were crucified. What does Golgotha mean? Matthew 27:45-56. What all happened while Jesus was on the cross that caused the centurion to come to the conclusion that Jesus was the Son of God? Matthew 27:52-53 What amazing event occurred? When did others find out?


  •  What can we learn about sin from the story of Judas for our own lives?
  • What do you think Jesus wants you to learn and understand from this chapter?