November 25, 2021


  • What was the feast of the Passover for? Unleavened bread? Why might the scribes and priests choose this time to kill Jesus?
  • Was perfume commonplace then like it is now? What is the significance that this was very expensive perfume?
  • What might have motivated (his hidden agenda) Judas to betray Jesus? Why might he have followed Jesus at the beginning? Why did the chief priests need Judas? What was his job?
  • What is the Passover lamb? Why is it significant that Jesus died during this festival?
  • What did Jesus say about the betrayer? Why didn’t Judas take this warning to heart and repent right away?


  • Each of us will surely face situations where we have to choose pleasing people or pleasing God. We cannot always do both. What will you choose?
  • Judas had ulterior motives. Do you sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts? Evaluate your own heart and motives.
  • Do you face the same struggles as the disciples did? In what kind of situations? How can we be victorious even when our flesh is week?