Listen to Him

I have a confession to make… I, Clay Finklea, am a terrible listener. Do I listen to things all the time? Yes, yes I do. I almost always have a podcast, a baseball game, or a tv show going into my ears, sometimes simultaneously, because I don’t like to be in the quiet. However this background noise effect has turned me into quite the horrific listener. In conversations I have to actively listen in order to keep up. Otherwise I will hear you but not really HEAR you. Katie says I have “Selective hearing” or at least I believe that is what she says. Who knows. (Continue Reading Here)


Connect: Luke 9:28-36


  • Which disciples were privileged to see the transfiguration? Who needed to remain quiet?
  • Who did the disciples see? Why is seeing these people important?
  • What is the significance of the transfiguration? What was Jesus teaching his disciples?
  • What did Peter want to do? Whose voice did they hear? What did the voice say?


  • After reading the essay, consider this question: Have you underestimated Jesus’s majesty or divinity?


Connect: Malachi 3 and 4


  • Who is verses 3:1-5 talking about?
  • How can someone rob God? What does this principle teach us about God? About people? About money? Is there a difference between tithes and offerings? What does it mean to bring the whole tithe into the storehouse?
  • Verses 3: 16-18: What does verse 16 mean? What may the people who feared the Lord have been concerned about? What was done to allay their concerns? What is the book of remembrance? What is the purpose of it? Who is “they” in verse 17? What encouragement did Malachi offer to those who feared the Lord? What encouragement is there for us in these verses?
  • Verses 4: 1-6: What “day” is referred to in 4:1? What will happen then? To the wicked? To the righteous? What final reminders did Malachi give? Has Elijah come yet? Are there any other verses which could shed light on this character? What will happen when Elijah comes? Did this happen at Jesus’ first coming or when John the Baptist ministered?


  • What predictions in Malachi 3-4 were fulfilled by John the Baptist & Jesus?
  • Will God bless us if we give Him our tithes/offerings? What principles can we learn from this passage to apply to our use of money today?
  • What spoke to you about the divinity of Christ?


Connect: 2 Corinthians 3


  • Focus on verses 7-11: What is the ministry of death? Why does Paul call this the “ministry of death?”
  • What comparison does Paul make in these verses?
  • How is the new covenant more glorious than the old?
  • Why does Paul want to tell the Corinthian church about the glory of the new covenant?
  • What does this glory mean for us of the new covenant?


  • How should these verses affect our attitude and confidence as we share the good news with others?
  • What ways do you find to speak about Jesus to friends and family?


Connect: Matthew 17:1-13


  • What happened 6 days after Jesus said that some of them would see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom or royal splendor? What did Jesus and Moses and Elijah talk about? (Luke 9:31)
  • What was Peter’s response to what he just witnessed? What happened while Peter was speaking? How did the 3 disciples respond?
  • What was the difference between the disciple’s responses to seeing Jesus’ glory and hearing God’s voice? What did the disciples experience after that?


  • Why do you think Jesus took 3 of his disciples with him up on the mountain to see His transfiguration?
  • Can you even begin to imagine how you would respond if you saw Jesus’ glory or heard God’s voice audibly? Describe a time when you heard God’s voice (audible or not).


Connect: Philippians 2


  • Re-read verses 8-11. Is there any relationship between Jesus’ humiliation and His exultation? What general Biblical principle does this teach? What is the name that Paul refers to here?
  • Will atheists bow the knee to Christ? When? How about Buddhists, Muslims, agnostics, demons, Satan? What does bowing the knee signify? What will happen to unbelievers after they bow the knee and confess if that doesn’t take place until after their death? What happens if we confess now instead of later? What then should our response be to these truths?


  • Living a life to please God requires bowing to His Will daily. We must live each day and make each decision acknowledging His authority over our lives. How can you bow the knee to Jesus this week?


Connect: 2 Peter 1


  • For these questions, focus on verses 16-21: What are some cleverly devised myths in the world?
  • Why did Peter know that what he taught about Jesus was true? Explain why the disciples as eyewitnesses evidence of the resurrection is important. How does the fact that Peter and most of the other disciples were martyred make their testimony even more believable?
  • What prophetic word does Peter refer to in verse 19? What prophecies in the Old Testament can you think of that point toward Jesus? What does Peter mean that “no prophecy of Scripture comes from someone’s own interpretation?
  • What does verse 21 teach us about the source of the Scriptures? If someone asked you why you believe the Bible is true, what would you say? What are some basic reasons you can give to seekers which point to the truth of the Scriptures?


  • God has spoken to us just as clearly through the Scripture. How can you, like Peter, tell others about this? The day may come when you too will face persecution for your faith. You may be pressured to stop sharing with people or to deny the faith. How can you prepare for that day now?
  • What prophecies has God made (which are still unfulfilled), which can guide you nowadays like a lamp in the dark? What prophecies, if any, have been fulfilled in the last 100 years? What prophecies can you see ripe for fulfillment in the world today (in other words, trends which make prophecies easier to fulfill now than before)?


Connect: Mark 1


  • Describe the flow of Jesus’ travel and ministry in Mark 1.
  • What does Jesus accomplish in his earthly ministry in this chapter?
  • What does he leave undone or unattended?
  • What can be learned about Jesus’ mission and vision from this chapter?


  • There are many people in this chapter who Jesus directly affected. Sometime in word. Often times through miracles. What miracle do you need Jesus to perform in your life?
  • Where do you need God to intercede?
  • Where do you need God to transform?
  • Where can you point to the glory of God in your life? Write a few of those down and verbally thank God for them.
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