Who We Are

Our six core values establish the culture of The Rock.

#1 – First Things First

The most important thing in the world is God and his mission to have a loving relationship with everyone. We want to partner with God and his mission and the way we do that is by keeping first things first…Love God, Love People, Do Something About It.

#2 – Come As You Are

We are a church for real people: tattooed, divorced, singles, families, those who doubt, those who believe, college age, young professionals, executives, etc. People matter to God and we want to help all people connect with him. You don’t need to get fancy to come to church, just come as you are!

#3 – Expect Change

Things change at The Rock all the time because we are always thinking of new and creative ways to help connect people to God. So it should be no surprise if you start coming here that you’ll experience some change too. We like to say, God loves you just the way you are, but he loves you too much to leave you that way.

#4 – This Generation

We believe that kids and students are the church of today. We set an extremely high value on kids, students, and young adults. This Generation is the heartbeat of where we focus as a church.

#5 – It’s Not About Me

Everything we do as a church centers on helping others find life in Jesus. This isn’t about one individual but rather what God is doing through all of his people. Here at The Rock, we get to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

#6 – Team Up

Everyone needs someone in their life because you can’t do life alone. We believe in a team approach here because together we can do more. When you get on a team (ministry team or small group team) you get a coach in your life and a team by your side.

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