katalyst camp

2 Camps. 1 Amazing Experience!

There’s no better way to refresh and refuel than getting away for a few nights with hundreds of students from across the US who are all about Jesus! Loud and passionate worship, life-changing messages, plus tons of challenges, activities, and fun. It’s an experience that you and your friends will not want to miss.

Middle School
Summer Camp

March 14th – 17th

CIY Believe
Atlanta, GA

Who: Current 5th – 8th Graders
Cost: $150
($75 deposit due at registration)

High School Summer Camp

July 1st – 6th

Lee University
Cleveland, TN

Who: students entering 9th-12th grade in the fall of ’19 and graduates of ’19.
Cost: $330 till March 18
($100 deposit due at registration)

Current 8th graders are allowed to attend both camps if they want to. We would love to have them at both. However, if the 8th grader can only go to one, it is our suggestion that they go to the High School Camp as it is a great transitional time for them.

Middle School Pricing

($75 deposit)
Date: Cost:
Jan. 2 - Feb 13 $150

High School

($100 deposit)
Date: Cost:
Jan 2 - March 17 $330 (save $75!)
March 18 - April 21 $355 (save $50!)
After April 21 $405 (full price)

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s all about buy-in. We really believe that buy-in to this camp will be greater due to the reduced cost, being over the weekend, and being a closer distance. What’s that mean? It means we believe we will be able to get more students to camp, more leaders to camp, and the flexibility to add in what we think we need. That combination is going to broaden the impact God is going to make on our students and we can’t wait!
It’s going to be an awesome experience. Check out the adjusted schedule below.
Thursday night – check in, sessions, games, stay at the church overnight.
Friday – session at church, drive to Atlanta, conference until late into the night.
Saturday – Conference all day, special event that night.
Sunday – drive back.
In words of one of our high schoolers, “I love the entire experience of camp. The way the speakers communicate, I just see things in a whole new perspective. My other favorite part about camp is hanging with my friends. It’s crazy how close we get!”
We will send out a packing list a few weeks before. But, one thing you can go ahead and stock up on is deodorant….. talking to you middle school and high school boys.
Camp is a pillar for our student ministry. We believe that it is something that every student experiences as we have seen life change over and over again. With that in mind, it is a priority of ours to get every student to camp.

We challenge our church to make this a financial priority and we want to challenge you to do the same. We are asking scholarship applicants to contribute as much money as possible. In doing so, you’ll help ensure scholarship funds are available for not only your student, but many others who wish to experience Katalyst Camp!

We do know there may be situations where that doesn’t workout so to learn about scholarship scholarship opportunities please click the button below, fill out the form, and you will be contacted by our student ministry team soon.

It’s really quite simple actually. They are in Middle School at the time of Middle School Camp and High schoolers at the time of High School Camp. What’s great is they are in a really unique position where we believe we can leverage both life stages to the benefit of the student. During middle school camp there is a tremendous opportunity to lead the younger ages and set the tone for the week. During High School Camp, one of our favorite parts is that they are going to be able to transition into our high school ministry with people they will be with the next four years. Both are a great opportunity and we would love to have them at each camp!
Families can pay in full or do partial payments until the number is reached. To do this this, simply click on the sign up now option, fill out the form, and then you will be redirected to a payment platform. For a student to lock in his or her spot, the specific deposit amount must be paid after inputting information. However, if the rest of the amount is not paid by the stated date on the site, then that student will lose their spot.


Middle School
Grades 5-8

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High School
Grades 8-12

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Help Make This Camp Happen

A great way to invest in This Generation! All donations go directly to a scholarship. Any size gift will help students attend camp, whether it’s $5 or $500. Please designate gifts to “Camp Sponsorship”.

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Our desire is for every student to go to camp and because of that we do have scholarship opportunities available. To learn about those scholarship scholarship opportunities please click the button below, email our team, and you will be contacted back by our student ministry team soon.

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