August 9, 2020 | 1 Samuel 16


1 Samuel 16



  • What do you learn from God’s question to Samuel about grieving over Saul? What was God’s point?

  • What was the difference between Samuel and God’s criteria of choosing the new King?

  • Why did God tell Samuel to go to Jesse rather than just to find the boy named David directly? What was He teaching Samuel?





  • Why does God often choose the younger or weaker to serve Him?

  • How does God use experiences in your life to teach discernment of the heart rather than outward appearances?

  • Pray that we learn from Samuel, to not let fear keep us from serving and obeying God. Pray that we learn from God, to discern the heart of others.



August 8, 2020 | 1 Samuel 5


1 Samuel 5



  • What is representative of Dagon falling on his face before the ark?

  • What is important about Dagon losing his head and hands in the second fall?

  • How did the Philistines respond to the fall of Dagon, their afflictions, and the superiority of God? How could / should they have responded?

  • Where do you see God bringing glory to himself when no one else would?





  • Have you ever not given God the glory He deserves and demands?

  • What other gods are you worshiping in place of the one true God?

  • Pray for God to search us and show us where we must decrease so that He may increase.



August 7, 2020 | 1 Samuel 4


1 Samuel 4


  • Why did Israel bring the ark to battle rather than ask God why He allowed their defeat?
  • If God is everywhere, what does it mean that God departed from Israel? Why did He remove His glory from Israel?
  • What do you learn about Israel’s treatment of God in this chapter?



  • How does this chapter encourage you to seek after the glory of God and stay focused on Him and His word?

  • What ways do we treat God today just as Israel did then?

  • Pray for obedience to God in all things. Pray that you seek His kingdom every day and not your own.